Knife-Plugin Zero

Knife-Zero is plugin for Chef.

Development status of Knife-Zero

It will be able to handle the Policyfile by used with Chef-DK v0.11 at Knife-Zero v1.14. Incidentally, Chef-Vault is also supported already. The ability to provide of the Chef-Core is almost ready for use.

So, maintenance policy for this project is currently as follows.

The version correspondence of Knife-Zero and Chef Infra Client (Chef-Client) is below.

Besides, I think that it supports while cinc-client is just another name. => Use cinc-client instead?


First, Knife-Zero is not replacement of Knife-Solo. The replacement from Knife-Solo is preferably Chef-Run, which is included in Chef WorkStation.

Knife-Zero adds the function which can do a target remotely to the local_mode which is a subset of the Chef-Server/Client environment.

It may be used before introduction of Chef-Server, or you may manage like Knife-Solo. Even if use with whitelist, you can manage Node objects in Git.

Work with Knife-Zero

The how to use Knife-Zero is hardly different from management of the Chef-Server/Client environment. Explanation of an official document should almost be helpful.

There are 2 main commands this plug-in offers.

zero bootstrap installs chef-client to remote Node. This subcommand based on knife bootstrap.

zero converge updates Nodes which already managed. This subcommand based on knife ssh. The QUERY used for choice of a node uses the search function of Chef. Please see about knife search.

Management of Node uses these 2 commands basically.

In addition, zero apply run the Chef-Apply to run a single recipe via SSH.

You can include Node Object to version control system.

When I’d like also to manage a Node object for Git, I’d hope that you use WhiteList. It’s written in Tips for more information.

When you’d like also to manage a Node object by VCS(such as Git), use WhiteList. See Tips.

Which tool should I use?

If you just want to apply the recipe to the remote node, you can choose chef-run. It is included in the official tool set Chef Workstation.

When it’s existence or Node is provisioned by other tools, Knife-Zero is convenient. If local search is unnecessary, Knife-Solo can also be chosen.

If you seem to hard about learning chef but love Ruby, You can consider the Itamae.

Well, you can try Knife-Zero Getting Started.

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