I met Chef::Exceptions::ContentLengthMismatch: Response body length when bootstrap/converge.

The net-ssh 2.9.2 (and older) will immediately send a CHANNEL_CLOSE even though there is still pending data in the output buffer.
Please update net-ssh to 2.9.4 or later. It’s already fixed.

I’ve seen warning Doing old-style registration with ... at bootstraping.

NP. Please check [Validatorless Bootstraps Chef Blog](

Knife-Zero always uses dummy validation_key. You can choose ignoring this message or using chef-vault.

I saw Field 'policy_name' invalid error .

Probably, you have set the options that you do not use to configuration file (e.g. knife.rb). In most cases, it is the validation_key, it will been created by knife configure.

Please remove unused options from configuration by refering

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