Migrate between Chef-Server to Knife-Zero.

Knife-Zero to Chef-Server

  1. remove local_mode true from knife.rb.
  2. Upload environments, roles and data_bags objects to Chef-Server except the nodes(knife upload).
  3. Bootstrap all nodes to manage under Chef-Server.
  4. Upload all node objects to Chef-Server(knife upload) to set run-list and normal attributes.

Chef-Server to Knife-Zero

  1. Stop Chef-Client daemon or delete from cron job.
  2. Download nodes, environments, roles and data_bags objects from Chef-Server(knife download).
  3. Collect or download all cookbooks by Berkshelf or Libraran.
  4. set local_mode true and chef_repo_path at knife.rb.
  5. run knife zero bootstrap with --no-converge option to update client.rb on remote node.
  6. That’s all. We could be used zero converge after migrate.

Knife-Zero doesn’t support cookbook versioning. This behavior is depends on file-based chef-zero.
Probably, we should migrate cookbooks into one version works for all nodes.

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